Noe Valley Voice May 2004

Letters to the Editor

Real Food Stalemate


This letter is in reference to a short item published in the "Rumors Behind the News" section of the Noe Valley Voice, April 2004 issue. I am concerned there may have been a misunderstanding. Specifically, the item states that Fresh Organics had reached agreement with the landlords on repair of the building and that the Real Food 24th Street store would be opening by the end of the summer.

What I said was that if we reach an agreement with the landlord, we will try to open by the end of the summer. Although we are hopeful that we can work out a resolution with the landlord, it has not yet occurred.

We appreciate the support and patience of the Noe Valley Voice and the community and are anxiously looking forward to remodeling the store and opening it as soon as possible.

Sergio Diaz

Director of Marketing

Fresh Organics, Inc.

"Rumors" columnist Mazook replies: I stand by my story. I reported not only what was told to me by Mr. Diaz, but also what was confirmed verbally by building owner Jane Allen. Clearly, the two parties no longer agree on whatever they thought they agreed on in March.

Still Laughing


I read your April Fool's issue hot off the presses, and I am still laughing. I especially loved the photo of Mayor Gavin Winsome's dome of hair and the same-person marriage story, in particular King Willhe's marriage to Willhe!

In these days of grim and grimmer news, the laughs are especially welcome. Many thanks.

Ruthanne Lum McCunn

Noe Valley resident

Editor's Note: For those who missed seeing the stories in print, our April parodies, including Gavin's makeover photo, are stored under "April Fool's Specials" at the bottom of the April 2004 home page here at

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