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Puffing in Parklets


Yesterday I was taking a stroll down 24th Street with my aunt and baby. We wanted to stop and have tea at the little parklet outside Martha &Bros., but to my dismay the entire area had been taken over by cigarette smoke. There were two smokers at tables on opposite sides of the parklet invading the entire area with noxious fumes. So we passed by. Later in the afternoon, I walked by the same area and saw other smokers puffing away in the same parklet.

I am dismayed that we have spent valuable community resources in order to create an environment that is not only unsafe to our health and bad for the environment, but that also detracts from the beauty of our community. I urge Martha & Bros., the city, and community leaders to end the smoking in the parklets and create a truly community-friendly space that is safe for all to enjoy.

Chattanooga Street resident

Name withheld by request


New Crop of Reading Partners


I wanted to thank you for the great article about Reading Partners in the November issue of the Noe Valley Voice [“Tutors Needed at Alvarado,” by Heather World]. I have had seven new people come in to volunteer at Alvarado School this week and almost all of them told me they heard about the program through the newspaper. This is especially exciting because it means I will get to enroll at least four more students this week! Thank you again.

Glennis Coursey, Site Coordinator

Reading Partners

Alvarado Elementary School


Editor’s Note: To find out more about Reading Partners’ tutoring program, email


In the Great State of District 8


I recently read that the Noe Valley voting district had more voters than the other supervisor districts this past November. I thought it might be interesting to find out how many registered voters are in each of the districts and what percentage voted Nov. 2. I am suspecting that the Noe Valley/Castro district might have had the highest percentage of registered voters who actually voted.

Kay Harnish-Ladd


At press time, the San Francisco Department of Elections had yet to release the final election results by district. However, agents from the Noe Valley Bureau of Investigation (NVBI) were close to breaking the code. See Rumors, page 49.


Where’s Matt Cain?


Here’s a quote from the Rumors Behind the News column in the September 2009 Noe Valley Voice:

Our attempts to reach [San Francisco Giants pitcher Matt] Cain were unsuccessful, and it appears we will have to wait to interview the hometown boy until after the team wins the World Series.

It would appear that now is the time.

David Olmeijer


Dear David: Even before receiving your note, we began calling the Giants and pestering our pals in the media to get a message to Matt. We hope he’ll speak to us soon. Till then, we ask our readers to keep wearing their caps, sweatshirts, and thongs—they may bring us good luck.


Where’s the Voice?


I truly enjoy reading the Noe Valley Voice. Where is it possible to find a copy of the current issue? I mentioned to a friend who used to live in Noe Valley what a great neighborhood paper we have, and she would like a copy. Thank you very much.

Lupe Arabolos


Thanks for the compliment. We try to keep the newsstand Good News at 3920 24th Street stocked throughout the month. But email us at if you’re having trouble finding an issue. Also, subscriptions are available at a cost of $30 per year ($25 for seniors). Send a check to the Noe Valley Voice, P.O. Box 460249, San Francisco, CA 94146.



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The Voice welcomes your letters. E-mail Please include your name and a phone number. (Anonymous letters will not be considered for publication.) Letters may be edited for brevity or clarity. We look forward to hearing from you.