Noe Valley Voice December-January 2010

On 24th Street

If Noe Valley had a town square, what would you like to see in it?

Voice reporter Shayna Rubin asked this question Oct. 22 in front of the Farmers Market on 24th Street at Vicksburg.


Matt Gubiotti, 25th Street: For a town square, I would love to see plenty of seating, so we can sit outside with some coffee. Also, maybe some tables with chessboards.


Laura Bergmann, 30th Street: A community garden would be great. I would also like to see some grass for kids to play on. Our neighborhood also needs some community recycling and compost bins. It would also be cool to have a concert series with local performers.


Leslie Fleming, 26th Street: I would like to see some benches and a place to gather. We come here every week for the farmers market, so I would like to see a place for the farmers market to be.


Gentry Clements, Clipper Street: I would love to see more grass and a nice seating area with tables. Also a nice place for kids to run around would be great. There is already too much concrete, so some more green would be good.


Dan Polk, 25th Street: A garden would be nice. A place people go sit in. Also a stage with live, acoustic music on Fridays or Sundays. My kids would enjoy a performance.


Nancy O’Malley, 25th Street: I would like the Farmers Market to stay here. Maybe a kids playground would be good, there are a lot of kids here. We also need some more benches, trees, gardens, and flowers around here. A stage for bands would also be nice.


Brooke Dean, Chattanooga Street: I like art and design, so maybe an art and design fair, so local artists can share. I would love to see locally produced and presented events. I’m kid-oriented, so if there were a sculpture as a place for kids to play on, that would be nice. Art would be a nice contribution to a town square.


Chris Myers, 26th Street: I would like to see something green in a town square, like grass and trees or some type of landscaping. I would like to see some sort of seating area as well. It would be nice to have some benches and a playground.


Constance Choi, Church Street: I would like to see structures that make it a gathering place for people of all walks of life. Some organic and urban structures would make it pleasant. We need something that shows the synthesis of city life and how it can be integrated with plant life. Other places are industrialized. I would like us to integrate trees and create more open spaces.


Karen Michels, Diamond Street: I would love to see a permanent Farmers Market. A community garden would be great. I would also love to see a sitting area.