Noe Valley Voice June 2010

On 24th Street

What is your favorite snack place in Noe Valley? Why?

Our roving reporter Shayna Rubin posed this biting question on Saturday, May 15, in front of Small Frys on 24th Street.

Ali Gehlen, 24th Street: I like to get Mitchell's Ice Cream from the Subs place [Subs, Inc.]. It looks like it wouldn't have good ice cream, but it does.

Marina Brevdo and Daniel Eisenbud, Vicksburg Street: I like Peasant Pies. It's convenient and tasty. It's also inexpensive, but not cheap!

Tim Chuter, Castro Street: Lupa is good. The food is good and plentiful, not too expensive. I like the staff there, too. They know good food.

Richard Mullen, Natasha Merritt, and Eleanor and Nash Mullen, 23rd Street: We love the Cheese Shop and the Noe Valley Bakery. Our daughter, Eleanor, loves the five-cent licorice at the cheese shop and we also love the apricot glaze. At the Noe Valley Bakery, we love to get there early in the morning, before everyone else wakes up, for the raisin snail and apple turnover.

Mary Breman, Douglass Street: I like to go to Fresca. There are a lot of tasty and cheap appetizers.

Lance Henderson, Douglass Street: I love the pumpkin muffins at the Noe Valley Bakery. They used to sell them all year-round, but now they are only sold seasonally. I wish I could get them all year.

Hector Saez and [name removed by request], Homestead Street: La Boulange has great pastries and good coffee. The staff there is nice as well. We also like Bernie's. We go there most often for their muffins and coffee. In our opinion, it is the best coffee in the neighborhood. We sometimes call Bernie's the office because we can bring our computer there to work.

Andy and Mia Murdock, 20th Street: I go to the Noe Valley Bakery every morning at 9:15 for their morning bun.

Dave Padilla, Church Street: I love to go to Haystack Pizza for a snack. They have great sandwiches, and the pizza is pretty good too.

Melissa Abel, Castro Street: I go to Peasant Pies. They have a lot of variety and it's inexpensive. My daughter even likes some of them.