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Who Do I Thank for Muni Cuts?


I'm new to the neighborhood and very happy to be here. It's exciting to see so many neighborhood groups listed on your website. However, I'm disappointed to read about the businesses and neighbors who resisted extending parking meter hours on 24th Street.

Congratulations, folks. Muni has decided not to find new revenue sources; instead, they'll be cutting service across the city. Here in Noe Valley, frequency on the 48 bus line will go from 12 to 20 minutes. Hope those 24th Street businesses are happy now!

Could someone let me know which is the neighborhood group to join for people who care about livable, walkable, transit-friendly streets? And will the pro-transit businesses cited anonymously in the December issue please speak up so I can spend my money there? I don't care to live in a suburb, thanks.

Josh Wallaert

Help Cheese Company Age


It has come to our attention that the 24th Street Cheese Company at 24th and Sanchez str eets has suffered a sharp downturn in sales due in part to the nagging economic recession but more specifically to the arrival of a new outlet of the Whole Foods grocery chain on 24th Street. Those of you who have shopped at the Cheese Company know that it is an irreplaceable treasure trove of fine wines (especially Argentinean), choice cheeses, and other specialty delicacies. The shop's wonderful wares, along with its knowledgeable and friendly service, are not duplicated at any other food store in the area. And now we stand to lose this invaluable institution if patronage does not pick up--and soon.

If you, like us, agree that a lively and diverse neighborhood such as the one we cherish in Noe Valley absolutely depends on the continued existence of sophisticated little emporia like the Cheese Company, please, please, make a stop at this store part of your regular shopping habits.

David Clay Large

Dave Emanuel

Fewer Restaurants? Who's Counting?


In your February 2010 article on t he City Planning Commission's efforts to lift a restriction on the number of 24th Street restaurants ["City Clears the Way for More Restaurants on 24th Street"], reporter Corrie Anders quotes two sources who claim that diners must choose from seven fewer restaurants today (from 29 to 22) than in 1987, when the ordinance was agreed to by city planners.

I'd be most curious to see that list of the missing seven. Of those closed/missing, how many were simply replaced by another establishment serving food? My guess is that that number is just the figment of the imagination of the sponsors of this attempt to add full-service sites.

I've worked, walked, and lived in our 'hood those many years, and I can come up with only one location now not operating, and that one is currently under construction, having housed in the past few years a string of failed food-service providers.

Tom Norwick

Garden Nursery Has Local Honey


Thank you for writing about my store in the Store Trek section of the February 2010 issue. It seems like every other person who has come into the store since then has told me, "I read about you in the Voice."

I wanted to make one correction, though. I do not sell beekeeping supplies. I do stock local honey and many plants that attract pollinators. I can advise anyone who is interested in setting up a habitat garden on how to get started. Being a beekeeper myself as well as a gardener, I have a lot of info gained through my own work. Thanks again.

Susan Prentice, Owner
Independent Nature
1504 Church Street

The Voice regrets the mistake, and will correct it on our website.

Dogs Don't Play Tennis


As a dog owner, I appreciate the convenience of Noe Courts, the park at Douglass and 24th streets. However, as a grandmother I appreciate the park even more. Today, in the rain, there were no children in the playground, but a man was allowing his dog to urinate on the play equipment, and another dog was in the tennis courts and more dogs were on the b asketball courts.

It would be wonderful if dog owners would yield to the "No Dogs" sign on the tennis courts, keep their dogs out of the playground, and support a fenced grassy area for picnics for people only.

BJ Droubi
Droubi Team/Coldwell Banker
4157 24th Street

Well-Deserved Recognition


Good job! I enjoyed reading about my longtime, great friend Lorraine Lombardo (whom I haven't seen for some time). She deserves this recognition ["Officer Lorraine Lombardo--On the Beat for 20 Years," February 2010]. Since she became a police officer, she has dedicated herself to becoming the BEST, and has overcome insurmountable obstacles in doing so. San Francisco is better for having her to serve. Thanks for this tribute.

Georgia Gregg

Letters to the Editor

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Apologies to Helen T. Weinschenk, 1912-2010

The Voice accidentally printed the wrong birth date for Helen Weinschenk in a photo caption in the February issue. The story was correct, but we're very sorry about the caption error. Mrs. Weinschenk, who died Jan. 19, 2010, at the grand old age of 98, was born Jan. 14, 1912. She and her husband, the late Arthur Weinschenk, owned and operated the Wooden Heel Shoe Repair Shop on 24th Street for 26 years.

Helen's long, joyful life--she once described herself as a "happy-go-lucky character in a pretty good world"--was celebrated in a vigil and funeral mass at St. Philip's Church in January. A member of St. Philip's Parish since 1949, Helen Weinschenk was known for her devotion to her church. "Hardly was there ever something going on at St. Philip's-- like the festival or something involving the seniors--that there wasn't a cake baked by Helen Weinschenk," noted friend and parish member Bill Yenne.

Mrs. Weinschenk's many Noe Valley friends, especially those living or working near her home on 24th Street (behind Ambiance), paid tributes last month with store window displays and fond remembrances. She is survived by son Arthur H. Weinschenk, granddaughters Tami Brigman and Karyn Booth; great-grandchildren Taylor, Richard, and Camyn Booth; among other family members. The family asks that donations be made to St. Philip School, 665 Elizabeth Street, San Francisco, CA 94114.

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