Noe Valley Voice April 2011

On 24th Street

The weekend of March 19-20, Voice reporter Shayna Rubin induced guilt among pedestrians on 24th Street by asking:


What are you doing to prepare for an earthquake?


Jeff Cowell, Jersey Street: To prepare for a possible earthquake, I bought five one-gallon buckets to store food. I also bought a knife, duct tape, gloves, crowbar, and a first-aid box.


Alan Chambless, Sanchez Street: I haven’t done anything to prepare for an earthquake. I did move to Noe Valley from the Marina after the last one, though.


Melinda Estey, 24th Street: I have a big cooler, so to prepare for an earthquake, I washed it out and put water and canned food in it. I am going to look at and see what they say I should do. I also made sure to put shoes and a flashlight under my bed.


Augustus Bacigalupi, Grand View Avenue: I haven’t done anything to prepare for an earth­quake, to be honest. San Francisco is one of the most prepared places. I live in a place that is on the first floor of a building that has been through a few earthquakes, so I think I am good.


Agatia Pavoni, 25th Street: I have a few things stored, like canned food. I also have a hard hat and gloves set up. I also took a class at the Noe Valley Ministry on what to do in the event of an earthquake, on how to check for a gas leak and instances like that.


Connie Johnson, Diamond Street: I have been making sure to keep lots of gas in my car, instead of letting the tank go down to zero.


Mike Underhill, Noe Street: I am ashamed to say that I haven’t done enough to prepare for an earth­quake, and my wife isn’t very happy about that. Though I have bolted the foundation, installed shear walls, and found gas shut­offs, I guess we haven’t done enough in terms of preparing food and water.


Kelly Nicoletti and Gianna, Fair Oaks Street: I have been thinking about attending the preparation class [Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT) training*]. And I am thinking about putting a bag together.


Renzo Staiano, Castro Street: I have done absolutely nothing to prepare for an earthquake. I guess I’m not that worried. I know I am supposed to stand in a doorway.


Petar Vucetin, 23rd Street: I haven’t done anything. I know that if one happens, I just need to stay calm and think clearly.


*A free disaster preparedness training will be offered April 21 to May 26 at Mission Neighborhood Centers, 362 Capp Street. RSVP to sffdnert@ or call 415-970-2024.