Noe Valley Voice December-January 2011

On 24th Street

By Shayna Rubin


Asked on Sunday, Nov. 27, in front of Starbucks at 24th and Noe streets:

What is your forecast for 2012?


James Green, Cesar Chavez Street: I would use the term anxiety. While Noe Valley represents an exclusive group of people—well-paid, Silicon Valley types—all of those things can be affected by politics and by everything that is happening in Europe in terms of the economic uncertainty about whether or not the European Union can stay stable.


Lindsay Andrews, 26th Street: I see lots of love for 2012 because I just moved in with my boyfriend. I also see a lot of sunshine now that I live in Noe Valley.


Mike Spohn, Church Street: I see economic downturn, outsourcing of jobs, hoarding of capital by banks, and a tough time for kids with student loans.


Luke Welch, Diamond Street: 2012 will be whatever we make of it. For me, it will include more travel, work, and an enduring relationship. I want to revive my garage band and learn how to make better noodles.


Kurt Dittmer, Cesar Chavez Street: I think that 2012 will be better than 2011. Anything will be better than 2011. I think that the presidential candidates will be better now that they have to watch what they say and do during this tough time.


Lance Blair, Cesar Chavez Street: I think 2012 will be gloomy financially. It might get a little better because people are starting to learn how to live with this bad economy, so everyone is becoming more resilient and strong.


Michelle Driscoll, Church Street: I am optimistic about 2012 because there are a lot of great people doing a lot of wonderful things. I have great faith in the young generation. Things will get better as soon as we get rid of all the old farts in Washington.


Alison Jones, Church Street: It’s going to be a tough year in 2012. I don’t see the economy bouncing back. They’re not sorting out Europe and the [congressional] super committee is not doing its job.