Noe Valley Voice June 2011

On 24th Street


Voice reporter Shayna Rubin cornered some Noe Valley dads in front of Small Frys clothing shop on May 23, to ask: 

As a dad, what do you like to do in Noe Valley?


Tim Weidner and Julia, 23rd Street: I love to take my daughter to Noe Courts park.


Fernando Lopez and Mayra Lopez, Guerrero Street: We love to walk around Dolores Park.


Douglas Hall, 23rd Street: I love to take my grandson strolling up and down 24th Street.


Erich Stonestreet and Truman, 30th Street: My son and I love to go to Peasant Pies, Martha’s, and Just for Fun together.


Kevin Rogers and Reed: I love to take my son to Douglass Park. We also do a lot of walking on 24th Street. We take him into Toast a lot as well. He is a big hit there.