Noe Valley Voice May 2011

Store Trek

By Karen Topakian

Store Trek is a regular Voice feature profiling new stores and businesses in Noe Valley. This month we take the temperature of a new salon at the corner of 24th and Church streets, Fahrenheit.

Emily Bassolino, Eyon Finney, and Tony Cristillo will hold an open house at their hot new salon Fahrenheit on July 2.    Photo by Pamela Gerard

1195 Church at 24th Street

Fahrenheit, a new hair salon at 1195 Church Street at 24th Street, brings together three stylists from the Upper Haight: Tony Cristillo, Emily Bassolino, and Eyon Finney.

Their hallmark is “we’re very creative,” says Cristillo. “We try to work as a team.” The stylists-cum-owners moved to Noe Valley on April 1 and brought many of their clients with them. “They’ve come here and they just love it. It’s easy to get to. Parking, surprisingly, is easy during the day. Clients just love the space because it’s fresh,” says Cristillo. “We’re very happy that we can bring business to the neighborhood.”

Cristillo, Bassolino, and Eyon also bring 35-plus years of professional experience, along with the popular haircare product line Bumble and bumble. “They make fantastic styling products,” says Cristillo. “It’s just a good match for the type of work we do here.”

The three experts offer a full range of haircare services for men and women. “Color and cutting are our focus here,” says Cristillo, noting that haircuts start at $70, color at $75, and highlights at $130.

Before setting up shop, the owners spent three months transforming the space, which was once home to the jewelry store Forbeadin’. They painted the walls charcoal gray with an accent wall of gold leaf, added custom-made cabinets, installed six styling chairs facing a long wall of mirrors, and created desk space for Fahrenheit’s receptionist, Kathleen Lefstad. Three rows of hanging shelves showcase their products.

“We wanted to keep it very modern and very minimal and a bit of an art deco feeling,” says Cristillo.

According to Cristillo, the name Fahrenheit was one that all three stylists agreed upon. “I heard it on the radio. Liked the sound of it,” said Cristillo. “It’s a name that’s easy to remember. The unfortunate thing is not everybody knows how to spell it,” he laughs.

To celebrate the shop’s opening in Noe, Fahrenheit will host an open house, with hors d’oeuvres and drinks, on Saturday, July 2, from 5 to 8 p.m.

Hours at the salon are 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., Tuesday through Friday, and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday. All appointments can be made through the receptionist.


Editor’s Note: The Voice made a production error in last month’s issue that probably had you scratching your head and saying “Huh?” Several paragraphs at the bottom of the Store Trek column were obscured by an ad, making the text very hard to follow. We apologize for this mistake, especially to the innocent victims, Tango Advanced Nutrition and The Urban Chair hair salon, who were featured in the May Store Trek. Please read the unexpurgated accounts of their businesses online at Or better yet, drop by to see them.