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Cover to Cover Lament


I just received the April issue of the Voice, and have read the story about the closing of Cover to Cover. In my three years in Noe Valley, I spent much time requesting all sorts of books, which Cover to Cover co-owner Mark Ezarik ordered. It was my special bookstore and one of the places I have missed since leaving San Francisco. I agree with letter-writer Jack Shane, who asked locals to support Phoenix Books, but why oh why couldn’t the smart people of Noe Valley support Cover to Cover?

Ruth Rosenblatt
Brooklyn, N.Y.


Jewels More Accessible


As you know, Gallery of Jewels was one of many Noe Valley merchants targeted for ADA “access infractions” last fall [“Flurry of Letters Spurs Shops to Improve Access,” February 2011 Voice]. This triggered a wave of panic throughout the small business community. Many meetings later, with business owners, land­lords, city officials, Certified Access Specialists, attorneys, and concerned neighbors, a thoughtful course of action developed.

Congratulations to all involved! The overall collective approach was to address these inadequacies, as the socially conscious thing to do. And by doing so, avoid “vexatious litigation.” These lawsuits historically end in out-of-court, high-dollar payoffs. Most neighborhood small businesses are financially challenged with normal everyday business. These settlements many times push the owner over the edge, with the business closing.

I am happy to submit to you, we have done the neighborly thing to do. At Gallery of Jewels, we now have a portable aluminum ramp, which is available by simply ringing the doorbell. An associate is ready, willing, and able to accommodate.

If you have questions, feel free to call.

Bill Hoover
Gallery of Jewels

4089 24th Street

415-285-0626, 415-550-0226


Noe Valley Auto Sponsors SF Seals’ Boys Soccer Team

Noe Valley Auto Works has become the first corporate sponsor of a newly organized San Francisco Seals’ youth team, the Pyros, which will be competing in two prestigious European tournaments this summer—the Gothia Cup in Sweden and the Dana Cup in Denmark.

Teams travel from all over the world to compete in these tournaments, with top-level entries coming from Brazil, Ghana, Germany, Spain, Japan, Argentina, Mexico, and South Africa.

Parent coach Dave Nugent handled the sponsorship agreement with Rich Yee of Noe Valley Auto in late April.

As an official team sponsor, Noe Valley Auto will be recognized on the team’s banner, which will be displayed at all games during the upcoming 2011-12 season.

The Pyros’ players, who are aged 16 or under, live all over the city and attend a variety of high schools, including Lowell, Balboa, Urban, SOTA, Sacred Heart, St. Ignatius, University, Waldorf, and Marin Academy.

Several players live in Noe Valley, including Ben Ruppert, Jack Bragagnolo, Sam Lim-Kimberg, and Seth Rosner.

In order to help pay for their Europe trip this coming July, many of the boys are participating in activities such as garage sales, dog-walking, babysitting, coaching, refereeing, and holding soccer clinics for younger children.

All of the families attached to the ­Pyros are grateful to Noe Valley Auto and Rich Yee for this support. A number of families have patronized the 24th Street garage for years, and others intend to start doing so as a result of the sponsorship.

—David Weir


David Weir’s son Aidan plays center back for the Pyros. Above photo by team parent Leo Bragagnolo.



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