Noe Valley Voice May 2011

On 24th Street

Voice reporter Shayna Rubin asked this question on April 24, 2011, at the parklet on 24th Street near Noe Street:

As a mom, what do you like to do in Noe Valley?


Karen Halstead and Sarah, Castro Street: I like to stroll down 24th Street and go to the Russo Music store and Phoenix Bookstore and get a coffee at Bernie’s. I like to take my son on his scooter down 24th Street.


Marielle Cavrois, Clipper Street: I love going to the Noe Valley Bakery in the morning. I also love going towards Dolores Park and going for a walk up and down the hills, and then going to a restaurant.


Clarice Annegers and Eliza and Otis: I like to go to the farmers’ market. I go to music classes with my kids.


Daniella Ramo-Larios and Orion, Eureka Street: I like to take my son to lower Douglass Park. We love going to the Noe Valley Bakery and Le Zinc. We generally love to walk the streets of Noe Valley.


Stephanie Haren, Jersey Street: I like to walk down 24th Street and sit outside in the parklets with the baby [Mateo]. We love to do story time at the library and mom and baby yoga on Valencia.