Noe Valley Voice November 2011

On 24th Street


Asked on Sunday, Oct. 23, in front of Ambience at 24th and Noe streets:


What decorations would you like to see in Noe Valley for the holidays?


Marcos Cotto, Duncan Street: I would like to see more storefront decorations for the holidays. Also, it would be great to use the parking lots for more activities for families, like fun houses and miniature pumpkin patches. It would also be cool to have a picture with Santa stand.


Phyllis Van Hagen, 25th Street: I think the neighborhood could use minimal decoration. I don’t want anyone to go through the expense of decorations—it’s not in the spirit of the holidays.


David Kincaid and Rosie, Alvarado Street: I would like to see some dog treat dispensers for the holidays. My dog leads me anywhere where there are dog treats, so I would like to see some dog treat dispensers for the holidays.


Lizzie Allen and Chris Bunting, 24th Street: We like the lights in the trees and in the branches, especially in the evenings. We just came back from “Sunday Streets” in the Mission.… It would be cool to do something like that and close off the street for a festival. Merchants could get outside and interact with the people in Noe Valley.


Tim Freitas, 24th Street: I think the lights in the trees should be done professionally and elegantly. For all the money we spend, it doesn’t look as good as it could look. Simplicity is elegant, too much can get tacky. So I think lights is enough, and it would be cool if everyone on 24th Street had candles in their windows.


Tamar Hurwitz and Barney, Jersey Street: I like lots of colored lights and seasonal snowflakes—decorations that are less religious. I like happy non-denominational decorations—though as a Jewish person, I like to have the big menorah on the corner. 


Thomas Ammon, 25th Street: I would like to see the neighborhood in all fall colors: browns, oranges, and yellows. It is my first year here so I haven’t seen how the streets are decorated yet.


Catrine Brown and Anders, Sanchez Street: The streets should be Christmassy with lots of lights and greenery.


Editor’s Note: Santa is expected to visit Noe Valley on Saturday, Dec. 17, as part of the monthlong HoliDAYS on 24th Street. The annual menorah lighting will be on Thursday, Dec. 22, near Just for Fun at 24th and Noe streets. For updated information, go to