Noe Valley Voice July-August 2012

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The Real Cost of a Mommy Getaway

By Rhiana Maidenberg


Lately, life has been hard. My husband has been traveling quite a bit, Maisy is going through an excruciatingly annoying phase where she refuses to wear shoes, and her big sister Elana now exclusively addresses me as “Rhiana,” even after I’ve threatened to destroy every last one of her Rainbow Magic fairy books! Consequently, the circles under my eyes have grown darker, and my “laugh lines” are deeper. I needed to get away, if even only for a day.

The Memorial Day weekend provided me the perfect opportunity to take a small hiatus from all things maternal and marital. Once I got the clearance from my family, I booked a room and coerced a friend to join. By late Saturday morning we had packed our swimsuits and sun hats and were ready to kiss our little ones goodbye, leaving them in the capable hands of their (somewhat worried-looking) fathers.

But what would this little excursion cost? As a mother who rarely spends money on herself, I decided to keep a running tab for the trip.


Cost of gasoline for two-hour car trip = $12

Not having to listen to Katy Perry on repeat during the drive = priceless


Lunch for two at a hotel restaurant = $40

Enjoying a glass of wine at noon = priceless


Spa pedicure complete with extra-long foot massage = $45

Not having to negotiate with my barefoot 3-year-old to make her put on her sandals = priceless


Poolside margarita = $8

Not sharing a water bottle speckled with bits of toddler backwash = priceless


Dinner at a trendy restaurant in downtown Sacramento = $80

Dining at a restaurant that has never served chicken fingers = priceless


50-minute full body massage = $90

Being rubbed by someone who does not expect me to return the favor = priceless


One-night stay at Arden Hills resort = $260 (divided by two = $130)

Waking up to pure silence instead of “Mommy—take off my diaper!” = priceless


Total cost of 34 hours of freedom = $395

Total cost of 34 hours without having to remind anyone to wipe after they poop = PRICELESS!!!



Rhiana Maidenberg is a freelance writer raising two kids—Maisy, 3, and Elana, 5— with husband Ted on Andover Street. You can often find her hiding behind a laptop at Bernie’s Coffee on 24th Street. She is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post Parents online and


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