Noe Valley Voice June 2012

On 24th Street

By Shayna Rubin

Asked on Sunday, May 27, 2012, in front of Chase Bank at 24th and Noe streets:


Do you prefer coffee or tea? Why?


Mary Hornbuckle, Sanchez Street: I drink coffee two to three times a day. I don’t drink coffee for the stimulant. I drink it for the flavor.


Kevin Hussey, Meegan Mussagli, and Camille Hussey, 29th Street: I [Meegan] prefer coffee mostly because I can’t get the same jolt of caffeine from tea. Kevin prefers tea because it is a part of my Irish heritage; it’s more of a social norm there.


David Eiland, Harper Street: I will have some tea during the day, but my go-to drink in the morning is coffee. The machine automatically prepares it for me in the morning and I love the smell.


Kevin Danaher, Sanchez Street: I drink coffee out of habit. We have all of these nice cafés in Noe Valley, like Bernie’s, that we need to support.


Susan Cattoche, Castro Street: I like both coffee and tea, but I drink coffee the most. I like the flavor and the caffeine. I have been going to Martha’s for 25 years.


Bill Clifford, 24th Street: I am a coffee addict, I have been drinking it for years—it got me through college! I try to grind a wide variety of beans—like Kona or French Roast—and I brew it at home.


Erin Lyons, 23rd Street: Coffee is a part of my morning routine. Both of my parents are tea drinkers, so I couldn’t do that. Since moving here from New York City, I have loved Philz Coffee, but I can’t afford to go there every day.


Emily Hu, 22nd Street: I must have my coffee in the morning because of the caffeine. I love espresso or any type of coffee my husband makes me.