Noe Valley Voice November 2012

Who to Call at City Hall


City Information Line 311

Burned-Out Streetlights, city owned (wooden poles call PG&E) 311

District 8 Supervisor Scott Wiener 415-554-6968

Graffiti Removal 415-28-CLEAN

Hazardous Waste Disposal / Free pickup mattresses, appliances 415-330-1300

Homeless Services  Urgent Care Clinic 415-355-7400

Lost or Injured Animals  Animal Care and Control 415-554-6364

Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services 415-554-7111

NERT (Neighborhood Emergency Response Teams) 415-558-3656 or 415-970-2022

Parking Enforcement  DPT Dispatch 415-553-1200

PG&E  Gas or electrical issues 1-800-743-5000

Potholes 415-695-2100

Recycling 415-554-7329

Sewer Problems, Overflows 415-695-2096

Street Signs, Damaged or Missing 415-554-9780

Street-sweeping 415-554-6926

Tree Planting 415-554-6700

24th St. Community Benefit District (CBD) 415-519-0093

Utility Undergrounding (DPW) 415-554-6167

Water Leaks, Low Water Pressure 415-554-3289


“A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.”  —Herm Albright (1876–1944)