Noe Valley Voice October 2012

On 24th Street


Asked on Saturday, Sept. 22, in front of Bernie’s Coffee on 24th near Noe Street:

What is the most creative Halloween costume you’ve ever seen?


Christine Finnegan, 23rd Street: One night I saw someone as the Eiffel Tower and another as Big Ben. Another creative costume I saw was Marie Antoinette, and a big group was dressed up as her entourage.


Nathan Taylor, 23rd Street: I saw a guy who grew a beard just to look like Orson Welles. It was a six-month process to grow the beard. I thought that was pretty creative.


Arlene Moorehead, Vicksburg Street: When John Kerry was running for president, my husband dressed up as a military man and I dressed up like a bottle of Heinz ketchup. (Note: Kerry’s wife is Teresa Heinz.) 


Matthew Purdon, Jersey Street: I once went to a Lucas Film party and everyone was dressed pretty creatively. One guy was dressed as Han Solo frozen in carbonate—that was pretty cool. Another guy did one where he was sitting in a bathtub and he filled it with balloons. He looked naked and the bath had a showerhead.


Suzanne Katonic, Homestead Street: The most creative costume I’ve seen was two people dressed as the Golden Gate Bridge—each person was one of the towers.


Amy Freeman and Antoine Passelac, 24th Street: I saw someone walking around on Halloween dressed as a redwood tree. He had real branches sticking out and everything.


Elay Cohen, Elizabeth Street: The most creative costume I’ve seen was a group of people dressed as a family of sharks.


Lisa Jaicks, Elizabeth Street: I saw someone dressed as Medusa with living snakes on her wig.


Interviews and images by Shayna Rubin