Noe Valley Voice June 2013

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june 2013

Walking Noe Valley

By A.D. Winans


I have walked these streets

For eighteen years

Like a crime photographer 

walks his beat

My eyes taking in her every movement

My brain storing real and imagined images

In seventy-seven years 

her changes have not eluded me

She is older now

But the two of us manage

To get along

Like business partners 

looking after each other’s interest

She is like a cup of strong coffee

Stir her enough

And the flavor floats to the top


I have walked her streets

In good condition

And broken-down physique

Aware there is no neighborhood

Quite like her


She is like a pair of empty shoes

Sitting under the bed

With no feet big enough

To fill them

She is like a squirrel running through

The live wires of a utility pole

She is like Billie Holiday

Drenched in sweat

She is like the face of God

All forgiving in her insatiable lust

For life


A.D. Winans is an award-winning San Francisco poet. He edited and published Second Coming for 17 years. His work has been published internationally and translated into nine languages. In 2006, he won a PEN Award for excellence in literature. In 2009, he was presented with a PEN Oakland Lifetime Achievement Award.