Noe Valley Voice June 2013

On 24th Street

Asked on Sunday, May 19, near the parklet in front of Just for Fun on 24th Street near Noe Street:


Have you noticed people taking stuff from your recycling or trash bins?


Kerry, Brett, and Sloane Wingeier, Chenery Street: Yeah, it can be a bit bothersome since they are rummaging through trash that could have personal papers in it, but otherwise it’s all right. Times are hard, but if it hurts the city’s recycling program, that’s a problem.


Erica Haims, Cesar Chavez Street: I do recycle, but I haven’t noticed anyone rummaging through any of my recyclables. I do live in a cul-de-sac, so maybe they just don’t come around to my house.


Ron Tempesta, Diamond Street: I have not seen anyone take anything from my bins, but I have seen it happen in Dolores Park. There are people walking around, going up to parties, and asking people if they are finished with their drink. I don’t mind if they take the bottles and cans. It’s good that they are making a living.


Simon Blackstein and Carrina Cappadona, 25th Street: I see them every week going through my trash. They leave all kinds of bottles strewn around the sidewalk that we have to pick up. If they didn’t do that, it wouldn’t affect us. It’s all stuff we are throwing away anyway.


Tracy Lakin, Noe Street: It’s been a problem for a long time. There is a guy with a cart and sometimes another with a truck that comes by and collects the cans and bottles. They look like people that need money. It may cost me, and the city, but it would seem mean to do anything about it.  


Jim Steinberg, 25th Street: There are always people lurking around taking stuff from the trash. Legally they are committing theft, because the trash belongs to Recology once it’s out there. But I don’t really care if they’re taking our trash as long as they don’t leave a mess.


Jake Cleveland, 25th Street: Yes, I always see people—presumably homeless—taking my bottles and cans. I feel fine about it, it’s not like I am using it. I have conversations with them and they ask if I mind, and I always say it’s not a problem.


Jeffrey Gerson, Vicksburg Street: Yeah, I have seen a homeless person and a guy with a truck come by and take my trash, but I don’t mind. It’s trash and if it can give them a place to sleep for the night, they can take it.