Noe Valley Voice December-January 1999-2000

Fuzzie Is Saved in a Daring Rescue!

By Susan Heit
Noe Valley resident (and petsitter)

Having lived in Noe Valley for 22 years, I've certainly noticed that this is a very dog-friendly neighborhood. You may have seen me at Manhattan Bagel most mornings with my rescue dog, Drake. He is the one waiting outside for his baby bagel!

Many of us cherish the companionship of our four-footed friends and perhaps do not realize that there are many animals in Bay Area shelters who are never given a chance for a good life. I have been a volunteer with the San Francisco Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue organization since January, and I wanted to share with my fellow Noe Valley residents a story about a dog named Fuzzie.

One afternoon last spring a man walked into the Stockton Animal Shelter to turn in his dog. He was told that owner-surrendered dogs are put to sleep within a very short time. Then one of our volunteers, working at the shelter, went with him to get the dog out of the car. To her surprise, the man opened the trunk of his car. There lay a small German shepherd with four puppies. Three of the pups did not make it and died. The fourth was taken and placed in a home by our rescue volunteer. She also took the mom dog, now named Fuzzie, to her home, where she was fostered for several weeks. In her new surroundings, Fuzzie had the company of many dogs, cats, and children. She got the care and attention she needed. She loved the children and was taught a special, gentle way to play with them.

Our rescue group made Fuzzie available for adoption, and in early April adopted her to a family with two young girls, whom she now adores. The latest report on Fuzzie is that when the family took her on a camping trip, she got to go swimming for the first time. After an initial slow introduction to the water, she was so excited she began jumping in and chasing sticks and rocks the girls threw for her. Total fun for this happy dog! A dog that was going to meet an untimely end is now a companion, friend, and protector for her new family.

German Shepherd Rescue is a nonprofit, volunteer organization which rescues German shepherd dogs from shelters throughout the Bay Area. They are given a medical exam, vaccinated, and neutered, and sometimes receive special medical attention. We place them with foster families, where we learn about them while giving them love and guidance before placing them with a new family.

We have many wonderful dogs. If you can help with a donation, provide a foster home, or volunteer with our group, please contact us!

Our hotline is 925-210-7466. Or you can e-mail us at

You can also visit our web site at

Meanwhile, I'll see you in front of the bagel shop.