Noe Valley Voice December-January 2004

Letters to the Editor

We'll Miss You, Sadie


Sadie, known around Noe Valley as the "doggie in a shirt," has died. She was a 10-year resident of Noe Valley, and had many friends and acquaintances--both canine and human--in the neighborhood.

Sadie was a sweet-tempered and energetic golden retriever/shepherd mix. She especially loved chasing her nubby rubber ball across the grassy field at 30th Street. Once that field was closed off to her kind, she took to chasing a red rubber ball up Comerford Alley.

As she approached her 16th birthday (an advanced age for a dog), Sadie began wearing a T-shirt to keep her warm and to protect her increasingly fragile skin. Arthritis forced her to give up the ball-chasing, and instead she took long walks around the neighborhood.

It was on these long walks--on Sanchez, Church, and 24th streets--that she caught the eye of many children and adults. "Look, Mommie, that dog is wearing a shirt!" was a common response.

Sadie is survived by an adopted younger sister, Shadow, and her caretakers Christy and Thomas.

Thomas Gladysz

Church Street

Local Shops Need Your Support


Most people say they like Noe Valley because of its small scale and friendly atmosphere. And one of the things frequently mentioned by residents and visitors alike is the variety of good and interesting stores and restaurants here. The best ways to maintain these attractions is to keep supporting your local establishments.

The next time you think of shopping at or 1-800-Buyitnow, pause a moment and think about whether it's also available around 24th Street. Add in the shipping costs and then balance all that against the benefits of sustaining local businesses.

When you're tempted to pop over to Trader Joe's to pick up something for a dinner party, think about walking a few blocks down the hill and buying it locally. Again, factor in the cost of your time and gasoline, and calculate whether there might be something just as tasty closer to home.

Shopping at Costco or Netflix or Amazon may seem efficient, yet there are often hidden costs, not the least of which is the steady outflow of business from Noe Valley. Besides, when you shop at a store in the neighborhood, you get personal service, easy returns, and a chance to bump into the interesting neighbors who attracted you here in the first place.

Have a great holiday--and we look forward to seeing you in the neighborhood.

Diane Barrett

Owner, Indigo V

Neighborhood Contacts


I grew up in Noe Valley (now living in Portland, Ore.) and continue to read the Voice via care packages from my mother.

Lately, my mother has been having concerns about activities in the neighborhood. Is there a neighborhood association she could hook up with? I think the Castro would work too, since I believe she's on the boundary of both (21st and Noe streets). Thanks so much!

Deirdre Atkinson

Via e-mail

Editor's Reply: The names and numbers of our many neighborhood associations are listed in the "More Groups to Join" column of this month's Voice. But for starters we'd suggest contacting the Friends of Noe Valley (Debra Niemann, President) at www.friendsofnoe or the East & West of Castro Street Improvement Club, whose leader is Paul Kantus, 647-3753. Best of luck to you and your mom.


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