Noe Valley Voice February 2004

Police Beat

Police Beat is a roundup of crimes and other police incidents in Noe Valley, defined as the area bordered by Grand View, 21st, Fair Oaks, and 30th streets. The following crime summaries were culled from incident reports filed at Mission and Ingleside police stations during the months of November and December 2003.

Theft of Vehicle: Between 5 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 2, and 8:45 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 4; 400 block of Duncan Street

Sometime between Sunday evening, Nov. 2, and Tuesday morning, Nov. 4, someone stole a 1989 black four-door Honda Accord LXI from the 400 block of Duncan Street. The car bears the California license plate 3MBL499 an belongs to a resident of the 100 block of 28th Street.

Burglary, Residence: Between 9:45 and 11:45 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 5; 400 block of Duncan Street

A couple who live in the 400 block of Duncan Street told police that on the morning of Nov. 5 they left their home to go shopping. When they returned about two hours later, the window next to their front door was broken and the door was unlocked. In a search of the house, the residents found that a Canon camera valued at $700 had been stolen and the top drawer of the dresser in their bedroom was open. In addition, several closet doors were ajar, and the thermostat cover had been broken--perhaps because the thief suspected it was an alarm. The couple also reported jewelry stolen.

Police found some blood on the broken window and surmised that the suspect crawled through the window and then unlocked the front door from the inside.

Theft of Vehicle: Between 9 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 5, and noon on Thursday, Nov. 6; 4200 block of 23rd Street

The night of Nov. 5, someone stole a 2000 silver Toyota 4-Runner from the 4200 block of 23rd Street. It bears the Nevada license plate 702PCD and is owned by a resident of the 4200 block of 23rd Street.

Burglary, Residence: Between 12:01 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 6, and 10:15 p.m. Friday, Nov. 14; 1500 block of Noe Street

A resident of the 1500 block of Noe Street told police that while he was out of town, someone entered his home by breaking a sliding glass door and stole a number of items. Taken from the man's bedroom were a Compaq laptop computer valued at $1,700, $700 in cash from a Tupperware container, a leather jacket valued at $250, and a black Kenneth Cole watch valued at $95.

Burglary, Store: 4:15 p.m., Friday, Nov. 7; 3900 block of 24th Street

Police arrested a 45-year-old transient man for stealing one bottle each of Bombay Sapphire gin, Bacardi rum, Jack Daniels whiskey, and Jose Cuervo tequila from a 24th Street supermarket around 4:15 p.m. on Nov. 7. The man, who was deemed suspicious by a cashier, was followed back out into the parking lot by store employees, who recovered the stolen items and called police.

Robbery, Commercial Establishment: 5:14 p.m. Monday, Nov. 10; 3900 block of 24th Street

A clerk at a 24th Street clothing store reported that on the afternoon of Nov. 10, a man who appeared to be disabled entered the store and asked her help in picking out a "birthday girl T-shirt." She showed him some shirts, he chose one, and she carried it to the counter.

The man laid down a $20 bill, and the woman began ringing up the purchase. After the clerk opened the cash register, the man inquired as to the price of some candles that were sitting next to the register. While the woman checked, he reached around and grabbed about $130 in bills out of the register and fled.

The man was described as black, between 20 and 25 years old, about 6 feet tall, and weighing about 220 pounds. He had black hair and wore a goatee, navy blue velour sweat suit, navy blue baseball cap, and white shoes. He walked with his right arm held close to his side and spoke very slowly.

Theft of Vehicle: Between 9 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 11, and 1:36 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 12; Church and 25th streets

The night of Nov. 11, someone stole a 1990 burgundy four-door Toyota Camry from where it was parked near the intersection of Church and 25th streets. The car belongs to a resident of the 1200 block of Church Street and carries the California license plate 5ABZ365.

Theft of Vehicle: Between 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 13, and noon Friday, Nov. 14; 27th and Sanchez streets

The night of Nov. 13, someone stole a gray 1989 four-door Saab 900S from the northeast corner of the intersection at 27th and Sanchez streets. The car belongs to a resident of the 2100 block of Castro Street and bears the California license plate 2PIA160.

Burglary, Residence: Between 8:15 a.m. and 7:55 p.m. Friday, Nov. 14; 2100 block of Castro Street

A woman who lives in the 2100 block of Castro Street told police that while she was away from her home on Nov. 14, someone broke her back window, entered her residence, and stole a Macintosh G3 laptop computer valued at $1,500 from her back room.

Burglary, Residence: Between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. Friday, Nov. 14; 2100 block of Castro Street

A man residing in the 2100 block of Castro Street reported that while he was away from his residence on Nov. 14, someone smashed his sliding glass door, entered his home, and took several items.

Stolen were a black Glock gun valued at $615, taken from an unlocked safe in the first-floor bedroom closet, a silver Rolex watch valued at $3,800, and a camera valued at $2,800.

Burglary, Residence: Between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. Friday, Nov. 14; 2100 block of Castro Street

A man who lives in the 2100 block of Castro Street returned home Nov. 14 to find someone had broken his bedroom window, entered his house, and taken several items. Stolen were miscellaneous legal documents from a bureau drawer, a Palm Pilot PDA valued at $450, and an IBM Thinkpad computer.

Police were able to secure a dirty footprint from a pillowcase, on which the suspect apparently stepped while entering the home.

Attempted Robbery with Force: 8:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 14; 29th and Church streets

A 31-year-old Noe Valley woman was walking east on 29th Street toward Church, a couple of yards behind her friends, when she felt someone forcibly pulling on her purse. The woman yelled to her friends, who turned around and started shouting at the two male suspects. The men ran northbound on Sanchez Street toward 24th Street.

Burglary, Residence: Between 7:30 a.m. and 3:45 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 18; unit block of Valley Street

A man who lives in the unit block of Valley Street told police that when he returned home on the afternoon of Nov. 18, he found his sliding glass door open and several items missing from his residence. Police determined that the door had been pried open.

Taken were a JVC DVD player valued at $250 and a Compaq laptop computer valued at $1,800.

Theft: 10:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 19; 4000 block of 24th Street

A 27-year-old Noe Valley woman had her purse stolen from a 24th Street bar when she stepped outside for about five minutes to make a phone call.

The black Kenneth Cole purse itself was valued at $50. In it were a gray leather wallet valued at $10, a California driver license, two Visa cards, an ATM card, $20 in cash, a Muni Fast Pass, house keys, cosmetics, and a silver Samsung cell phone valued at $150.

The victim said that within 10 minutes of discovering her purse stolen, she contacted her creditors to close her accounts and was told that the thief already had charged $24 at Miyabi Sushi and $11 at Mecca, both local establishments.

Theft of Vehicle: Between 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 20; 26th and Noe streets

During the day of Nov. 20, someone stole a 1987 cream-colored, four-door Toyota Camry from 26th and Noe streets. The car belongs to a resident of the 1200 block of Noe Street and carries a California license plate 2KMM974.

Robbery, Commercial Establishment: 8:50 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 29; 3800 block of 24th Street

An employee of a 24th Street donut shop reported that she was nearing the end of her shift Nov. 29 when she noticed the suspect enter the door. The employee was "just about to ask him what he would like" when the man jumped toward the counter and leaned over it.

The employee, who was counting cash at the end of her shift, had the register drawer open. The man grabbed money from the bottom of the drawer, snatched the cash tray, and took money from the employee's hand. The man threw away the tray before fleeing southbound on Church Street. He made off with about $290.

The employee said she probably would not be able to identify the thief, and the store's video surveillance system was not in operation at the time.

Robbery with Force; Aggravated Assault; Resisting Peace Officer: 6 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 4; Chattanooga and 23rd streets

Police were called to the area on reports that a "crazy person" was randomly attacking people. Upon arriving, they saw the suspect punching a man, who turned out to be a 70-year-old resident of Fair Oaks Street.

The first two officers on the scene ordered the attacker to the ground. He swore at them and refused to cooperate. When officers grabbed his arms and tried to place them behind him, the man struck one of the officers with his upper body, causing the officer to hit her head on a wall and the three of them to tumble to the ground. The two officers held on to the man until two backup officers arrived.

The suspect continued to resist officers and was unfazed by four jabs of a department-issued baton. Two of the officers attempted to use their pepper spray, but both canisters malfunctioned. During the struggle, the suspect continued to yell at the officers. Additional units arrived and were successful in subduing the suspect by using two interlocking pairs of handcuffs.

Witnesses told police that the man had harassed or attacked several people, including an elderly Korean man who was walking his dog, a bicyclist, and the 70-year-old man from Fair Oaks Street.

The Fair Oaks Street resident told police that he had been walking along Chattanooga when the unidentified man came up behind him and demanded his money. When the man told him he didn't have any money, the suspect punched him in the face several times and then threw him to the ground. The suspect ripped the man's watch off his wrist and then kicked and punched him in the face a few more times.

The victim was transported to St. Luke's Hospital with a swollen and bruised left cheek. He also was bleeding from his nose and left ear.

Police arrested and booked the suspect, who was determined to be a 39-year-old resident of the 3500 block of 20th Street.

Theft, Petty: 5 p.m. Friday, Dec. 5; 3900 block of 24th Street

A 25-year-old Vista, Calif., man was arrested on theft charges for allegedly stealing a bottle of Bacardi Gold rum from a 24th Street supermarket at 5 p.m. on Dec. 5. He was detained by two of the store's loss prevention agents until police arrived.

Theft of Vehicle: Between 5 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 7, and 3 p.m. Monday, Dec. 8; Church and 30th streets

Someone stole a 1990 silver two-door Toyota Celica from where it was parked near Church and 30th streets. The car is owned by a resident of the 100 block of Day Street and carries the California license plate 2TSL633.

Theft of Vehicle: Between 4 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 7, and 8 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 9; 300 block of 28th Street

A 1991 aqua two-door Honda Civic was stolen from the 300 block of 28th Street between Dec. 7 and Dec. 9. The car belongs to a resident in the same block and bears the California license plate 4AKB306.

Burglary, Store: Between 10:30 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 13, and 2:22 a.m. Sunday, Dec. 14; 3900 block of 24th Street

In the early hours of Dec. 14, police were called to a 24th Street liquor store, where one of the large windows had been broken. Inside, police discovered a brick and several items scattered about the floor.

The owners of the store determined that some items were missing. The cash register drawer was open, and there was no paper currency in the till. Miscellaneous coins were scattered on the ground beneath the cash register.

When the store closed the night before, the owners said, there was $1,574 in the cash register. Also missing were 12 to 14 bottles of alcohol and 60 to 65 cartons of cigarettes.

Theft of Vehicle: Between 8 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 17, and 12:30 p.m. Monday, Dec. 22; Noe and 28th streets

Someone stole a 2003 white four-door Honda Civic hybrid from where it was parked near Noe and 28th streets between Dec. 17 and 22. The car belongs to a resident of the 300 block of 28th Street and carries the California license plate 5CVV519.

Burglary, Apartment House: 12:30 p.m. Friday, Dec. 19; 100 block of Valley Street

Shortly after 12:30 p.m. on Dec. 19, police responded to Church and Valley streets on a report of a man jumping fences and running through back yards. After several minutes of searching, officers spotted the suspect, a 31-year-old San Francisco man, and chased him on foot on Valley Street, where he was detained.

Residents later told police that they had seen the unkempt man come out of a locked gate at the apartment building. He lingered there nervously for a few moments and went back inside the apartment building. The residents then heard banging sounds from inside the gate and were convinced the man was a burglar. Police believe the sounds were made by the man propping a metal ladder against the building, leading to a window.

The neighbors asked someone with a key to the gate to open it and went inside. They could not find the man in the halls or doorways, but when they looked out the rear of the building, they saw him running through back yards and jumping fences.

One of the building's residents told officers that about 12:30 p.m., a man opened his bedroom door and looked in. The resident at first assumed he was a friend of another tenant. But the man's story didn't jibe, so the resident asked him to leave.

Theft of Vehicle: Between 1 and 6 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 20; 28th and Douglass streets

During the afternoon of Dec. 20, someone stole a gray 1987 four-door Olds Cutlass from where it was parked at 28th and Douglass streets. The car is owned by a resident of the 5200 block of Diamond Heights Boulevard and bears the California license plate 1SNT074.

The Voice thanks Mission Police Officer Lorraine Lombardo and Ingleside Police Officer Mike Smith for providing the incident reports for this month's Police Beat. The reports were summarized by Suzanne Herel.

Your Links to the SFPD

Noe Valley residents and merchants are invited to attend police-community meetings held monthly in the Mission and Ingleside police districts. The next meeting at Mission Station will be Tuesday, Feb. 24, 6 p.m., at 630 Valencia Street near 17th Street. The next Ingleside meeting will be Tuesday, Feb. 17, 7 p.m., at Ingleside Station, 1 Sgt. John Young Lane, off the 2000 block of San Jose Avenue.

Meanwhile, those who live or work north of Cesar Chavez Street can report recurring problems by phoning Mission Station at 558-5400 or e-mailing Captain Greg Corrales at gregory_corrales (To report anonymously on drugs, gangs, or other crimes, call the non-traceable hotline at 558-5452.)

Residents and merchants in "outer" Noe Valley--south of Cesar Chavez Street--can contact Ingleside Station by calling 404-4000 or e-mailing Captain Kevin Dillon at kevin_dillon

To report a crime in progress, call 911. (Cell phone users, dial 553-8090.) To talk to San Francisco police about a non-emergency situation, call 553-0123.