Noe Valley Voice November 2004

Letters to the Editor

Allow More Restaurants, Eat More Junk


With reference to the ongoing discussions regarding the moratorium on restaurants in Noe Valley, I am of the opinion that lifting the ban on new bars and eating places would not, as some suggest, result in an influx of new restaurants into the area, due to the high cost of converting an empty space in accordance with city code requirements (kitchen installation, restrooms, etc.).

On the other hand, I feel that it will result in more cheap takeout and fast-food venues, or worse, it will invite the large corporate chains (who can afford the costs) into the area. Think twice about lifting the ban--you have been warned!

Noe Valley resident

(Name withheld by request)

Embarrassed Native


As a proud third-generation San Franciscan, I delight in showing the many great aspects of my city to friends from out of town. Twenty-fourth Street, one of the last remaining great walking areas, has always been on that list.

However, my last trip left me totally disgusted with the dirty sidewalks--in particular, those in front of food establishments. With one exception (a florist next to the Bank of America), not one business showed signs that its owners had thought to wash off the sidewalk.

Merchants, take a look at what you offer your customers in the way of a greeting: filthy sidewalks, a real turnoff.

George Koch

Third-generation San Franciscan

Used Beanie Babies for Kerry?


Last weekend in Noe Valley, I saw two garage sales to benefit the John Kerry campaign. Is his plight so dire that Kerry must rely on this modern-day children's crusade?

James Keefer

Guerrero Street

Elect Bush Over Her Dead Body


My friend in Portland, Ore., sent me this article (see below) from the Oct. 2 Oregonian, about a widower who wanted his wife's last wish carried out. I hope she gets her wish.

Edith Kantus

Douglass Street

Reprinted from The Oregonian:

Wisconsin Widower Touts Kerry in Wife's Obituary

MADISON, WIS.--Send no flowers to commemorate Jane Buffett's death, her husband asks. Instead, send John Kerry to the White House.

In a paid obituary published in Madison's two daily newspapers, Roger Buffett celebrated his wife's years as a mother, homemaker, grandmother, and English teacher. But, he said, she was "outraged" by President Bush's decision to invade Iraq and then expecting "her grandchildren to pay the bills." Other Bush administration policies angered her as well.

"She saw John Kerry as the candidate who would most conserve everything she valued," the obituary said. "Jane fought to live long enough to be able to vote this November. To honor her memory, please do everything you can to elect John Kerry."

Jane Buffett, 64, died of cancer Sept. 25. The obituary, which called her a "fiery woman," appeared Monday.

"Why just try to waste obituaries, saying someone was a super nice person, if they want to have their own reach beyond the grave and give them one last breath of life for what they've been living for?" her husband said.


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