Noe Valley Voice July-August 2007

Kim Mercuri-Bullis, Healing Spirit

Kim Mercuri-Bullis, 84 years young at heart, the neighborhood clairvoyant, healer, and poet, peacefully passed away Sunday, April 29, 2007. Her ICU room was amazingly transformed into a holy space. She was surrounded by her sacred objects and by a few close, loving friends. The fragrance of fresh herbs, sage, lemon verbena, and lavender came alive in the room as they were placed on her pillow around the crown of her head. A state of peace and calm was created in her body with a set of yin and yang tuning forks; she was anointed with frankincense oil and her energies elevated to the top of her head with eagle feathers. The hospital's doctors, nurses, and technicians were angelic. Everyone played their part well.

Kim, also known by her medicine name Old Turtle, will be remembered as the "godmother" of Star Magic. She will be forever blessed for her potent "magical" support of the parrots of Telegraph Hill, for the memorable ceremonies and rituals that marked the life passages of those in her community, and for her writings that brought healing to many, some of which can be found here:

As one of her good friends said, "We all enjoyed her good offices, her appreciation of each of us individually, her spiritual support and positive energy. She's a wondrous example of the ability to surmount many life challenges with a healing, positive attitude."

One of her writings reminds us...

Love Never Dies

They say
That love never dies.
It reaches back even from the other side
To recall shared memories...
Poignant and sad
Happy and glad.
Remember the good times,
When our lives touched
and our hearts bonded...
Laughing and crying,
Playing, sighing.

our hearts can bridge the gap
from the unknown
to the known.


Old Turtle
March 7, 2000

Another of her writings blesses us as she journeys in the spirit realm...

A Blessing from the Birds

Sweet Spirit, may the power of Eagle give you strength and guidance in this life.
May the wisdom of Owl guide and direct you and teach you the beauty of the night.
May the keen sight of Hawk give you clarity and insight.
May the magic and humor of Crow help you to laugh and dance along the way.
May the peaceful beauty of Dove soften the winds of fate in your personal universe.
May the grace of Swan permeate your consciousness and give you balance.
May the voice of Jay teach you to speak your truth clearly.
May the brilliance of Cardinal warm your heart and bring you love.
May the dignity of Crane teach you the value of integrity and faithfulness and sustain you when life's lessons are challenging.
May the giveaway of Turkey gift you with a generous heart.
And may the flight of Heron lift your spirit and keep your purpose clear and bright.
May the broad wings of Condor shelter you from storms.
And may the healing powers of Vulture keep you clean and strong.
May the flight of Goose keep you directed and secure on your path.
And may the iridescent beauty of Hummingbird fill your life with rainbows and lovely reflections of all that is.
May the grace of Egret fly you through your dreams.
And may the playfulness and intelligence of Parrot remind you to play like a child, with joy.
And may Bluebird always sing you the song of happiness.

Old Turtle
Nov. 20, 1993

Kim Mercuri-Bullis would want to say goodbye with her favorite prayer:

From my heart to your hearts, and to the heart of the universe, peace.

--Susan Sun