Noe Valley Voice February 2009

Letters to the Editor

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Neighborhood Dims Without Streetlight


I am still in shock over the grim news that Streetlight Records is closing in Noe Valley. [Jan. 31 was set to be the store's last day.] Twenty-fourth Street will be a diminished place, and the neighborhood will be a less attractive place to live.

I've been buying vinyl records, tapes, and CDs at Streetlight for nearly 30 years, and it's always been a wonderful place to walk into. The staff is knowledgeable about music and invariably helpful. For a relatively small store, the supply and range of music was always impressive.

It reminds me of the music store and staff in Nick Hornby's great little book (and John Cusack movie) High Fidelity.

I know the record industry and changing consumer habits may have doomed independent music stores, but honestly, it's like losing another fine bookstore or closing a library.

Cyberspace and iTunes may sometimes be more convenient, but they'll never be as warm and human and enchanting as a great little record store.

Steve Talbot
Kearny Street

Clues to Bookstore's Trade-Ins

Editor, and mystery fans in Noe Valley:

In this rotten economy, which has affected us all, the San Francisco Mystery Bookstore has been inundated with trade-ins. Since used books are a large portion of the inventory, we welcome trade-ins. But we'd like to make life easier for those of you who are planning to bring books in for trade.

Our international section seems to be sparse, so we can always use books from authors with an international bent. Here is a partial list: Cara Black, Andrea Camilleri, David Hewson, Donna Leon, Henning Mankell, Magdalen Nabb, Håkan Nesser, and Helene Tursten. We only need paperbacks.

A year ago or so, we set up a section of books from the UK, and we like to keep it well stocked. So anything from across the pond is welcome, except for Agatha Christie, Ngaio Marsh, or John Creasey (or his pseudonym, J.J. Marric). Again only paperbacks, unless they are published in the UK and have not yet been published nor ever will be published here.

We are always looking for interesting historical mysteries, so bring them on in, except for books by Anne Perry or Elizabeth Peters.

This store has been around a long time (almost 35 years), and so have many authors! Therefore, there are many authors who are very well-known and very popular, and we already have many copies of their books. These authors include J.A. Jance, James Patterson, Richard North Patterson, Sue Grafton, Robert Parker, Joan Hess, Tony Hillerman, Mary Higgins Clark and her various relatives who write, Lilian Jackson Braun, Alex Kava, Iris Johansen, Alex Kava, Linda Howard, and Lisa Gardner.

If you would like to ask about a specific author, just e-mail or give us a call.

Diane Kudisch, Owner
San Francisco Mystery Bookstore
4175 24th Street

Bons Mots for Crossword Puzzle


I just want to say that I love the crossword puzzles! Please keep them coming.

Renee Schaible

Delivered Promptly, Madam


My grandmother grew up, until the age of 6, at 1376 Church Street, between 26th and Army (Cesar Chavez) streets. She lived there from 1919 to 1925. Then the family moved to the Sunset.

She's down on the Peninsula now, but I was recently helping her go through some old papers and came upon a little piece of Noe Valley history: an ad for Hoffmann Brothers grocery store (see above). My favorite parts are the old phone number and the line "Don't take time from your household or other social duties to select and carry home your own groceries."

Based on the dates my grandmother lived in the area and the trademark stamp at the top, which says "23," I'd guess the ad is from about 1923 or 1924. The grocery was located where Happy Donuts is now, at the corner of 24th and Church.

Hilary Roberts
Castro Street

In Memory of Blake Egoian

We are saddened beyond measure by the loss of a member of the Noe Valley Farmers' Market community, Blake Egoian, the elder son of Jim and Carol Egoian, of Twin Girls Farm. Blake died on Saturday, Dec. 6, 2008, in a car accident in Reedley, Calif. He was 17 years old.

Blake was a regular presence at the market and had only been absent that Saturday because he had been attending a viewing of another classmate, who also, stunningly, had been killed five days earlier in a car accident. Along with helping his family run the stand, Blake performed cleanup for the market. He was a kind, friendly, and hard-working young man, a loving brother and son.

Blake's death stunned attendees of the market, who have come to know the Egoian family as, well, family. The Egoians' warmth and generosity have touched those who have been fortunate enough to know them. Dozens upon dozens of people cried openly at the market and sent cards to the Egoians, a testament to how profoundly Jim and Carol, Blake and his brother Cole, and sisters Tisha and Whitney have become part of our lives.

Blake, we miss you.

From all of us at the Noe Valley Farmers' Market

In lieu of flowers, the family has asked that donations be sent to the Blake Egoian Scholarship Fund, Bank of the Sierra, 1095 W. Manning Avenue, Reedley, CA 93654. Condolence notes can be sent to the Egoian Family, 23034 East Dinuba Avenue, Dinuba, CA 93618.