Noe Valley Voice April 2010

On 24th Street

April 2010

Everyone has an opinion about local architecture. So we thought we'd collect a few. Our roving reporter Shayna Rubin posed this question February 13 in front of the Noe Valley Bakery on 24th Street:

What is your favorite architectural landmark in Noe Valley?

Michael Palmer, Jersey Street: My favorite landmark is Dolores Park. It is beautifully contoured and everyone uses it. It's remarkable how popular it has become.

Carolyn Kenady, 21st Street: I love that building on top of 21st and Sanchez, the [James "Sunny Jim"] Rolph mansion, because of its 270-degree view. It's really an interesting building. It's very distinctive.

Krissy Mummert and Mike Adamow, 23rd Street: My favorite landmark is the farmers' market [on 24th Street at Vicksburg]. I love the sense of community, and it's a great place to wander to on a Saturday.

Nancy and Gene Hance, Diamond Street: We love the library [451 Jersey Street]. Ever since our boys have been going there, we have been going there. It's great that it is so close. We also love St. Philip's Church [on Diamond] because that is where we met.

Carol Yenne, Diamond Street: St. Paul's [on Church Street] is a gorgeous church. It's also a great landmark because Whoopi Goldberg filmed there for Sister Act. It also has beautiful stained-glass windows that remind me of European architecture.

Eric and Denise Dekker, Vicksburg Street: Our favorite landmarks are the Noe Valley Ministry and the library. The Noe Valley Ministry [1021 Sanchez Street] because it holds a lot of purposes--it has performances, community meetings, and the nursery school. We like the library because of its structure. We like those types of buildings.

David Waters, Castro Street: My favorite building is my Victorian house. It is an 1890s house and in almost the exact detail it had at the start. It never has been changed. I've lived there for 20 years.

Don and Raquel Andreatta, Elizabeth Street: Our favorite landmark is St. Paul's Church. I [Don] was baptized there, it's the first holy communion, and I was married there 40 years ago.

Désirée De Lara, 21st Street: My favorite building and landmark is the Noe Valley Ministry, because it is a haven for me. I went to preschool there. The architecture is beautiful as well.

Richard Downing, Jersey Street: I love the library, since I live a few doors from it. One of my favorite landmarks is also the Rolph mansion at 21st and Sanchez. The Rolph mansion feels special. It is clear that when they had a choice of any view they wanted, they chose that particular space with that view. The library is a social center, and it is accessible. It's a great place for the kids as well.