Noe Valley Voice November 2010


selected fiction and poetry


By Mary Kay Finholt 

Though you are grown, my child,

I would carry you.

I would lift you up

And bear all that burdens you,

And bear all that weighs you down.


I would take away those acid truths that wound you,

Those truths you blind your mind to,

And make them mine.


There’s no ink of blackest night

I would not drink for you.


No ache

I would not take

Away from you.


No fist of fear that grips your heart

I would not wrap around my own.


There’s no loss,

No death of hope,

No cross

I’d leave for you.


I grieve for you.



As I stand in the shadow of your long loneliness,

I weep.


But in my heart’s secret cave,

I keep

This healing memory.


I see your face

As it was  

When life was new to you.


Awakened from your sweet baby sleep,

You saw me standing there.


Your arms reached up.

You smiled,

And I said,

Yes, my child.


I will carry you.


Mary Kay Finholt lives in Wildwood, Missouri. “If I Could” is her first published poem.


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