Noe Valley Voice October 2010

On 24th Street

What would you like to see fixed in Noe Valley?

Our roving reporter Shayna Rubin posed her question on Sunday, Sept. 19, at the corner of 24th and Sanchez streets.


Nate Haynes, Dolores Street: I would like it if the J-Church came more frequently. I work downtown and sometimes it’s around a 30-minute wait between trains, and it would be nice if the trains had shorter waiting intervals.


Victoria Doll, 26th Street: I was just thinking about the empty Real Food building. I was wondering what is happening with it. I would like to see something useful go into it rather than having it just be an empty place.


Melissa Grindstaff, Jersey Street: I would like better cell phone reception. Noe Valley doesn’t have good reception for AT&T clients, and it would be nice if Noe Valley allowed new cell blocks here.


Doug and Diane Hall, 23rd Street: The double-parking here bugs us the most. The meter maid is always sitting and talking on her iPhone drinking her latte while she watches trucks double-park in the most inconvenient places.


Lauren Reid, Vicksburg Street: They just fixed something I have been complaining about, which is the broken sidewalk in front of Noe Valley Bagel. Everyone kept tripping over that. I also wish there weren’t so many loiterers in front of Martha & BrothersÉ. And actually, get something in the Real Food Company building.


Jim Lynch, Duncan Street: I can’t think of anything I would fix. I was born and raised here and left for 25 years. I came back to live here because it is perfect.


Jessica Jackson, 23rd Street: I wish the J-Church ran later. I work late near the Embarcadero, and it would be more convenient if the J-line had more trains that came after 12:40 a.m.


Heather Robertson, Sanchez Street: I love it here, but personally I wish the shopping was more sophisticated and high-end. I always end up doing my shopping in other neighborhoods with higher-end stores and restaurants. I do appreciate that we have restaurants like Contigo and Firefly, but I would like to see higher-end clothing.


Mark Ostapiak, 25th Street: I wish they would turn Whole Foods into a union shop so that people who had been working there for many years could get their jobs back.


Andrew Ellsworth, Sanchez Street: I would like to see fewer people with clipboards. They congregate on the corner of 24th and Noe especially. When I walk through it, I feel guilty that I am ignoring a good cause, but I just want to be left alone on my weekends.