Noe Valley Voice March 2012

On 24th Street

Interviews by Shayna Rubin


Asked on Sunday, Feb. 19, near Chase Bank at 24th and Noe streets:

Do you wish Noe Valley had more of a nightlife? What would bring you out after dark?



Sherry Coveney, Elizabeth Street: I would love to go out at night to a small Noe Valley comedy club. I drag my husband out to a Berlin Ping Pong place out in the Mission; it would be great if we could have something like that here in Noe Valley as well.


David Beverman, Eureka Street: Noe Valley does need better nightlife, but nothing that will create a raucous scene. Right now the only option we have is the limited number of bars on 24th Street. I would love it if cafés and restaurants stayed open later. Perhaps if the restaurants had heat lamps, we could sit outside at night and eat.


Rebecca G., Sanchez Street: I think Noe Valley needs a couple of bars that attract a younger crowd—perhaps era-themed bars or with some unique type of offering. I would also go out at night to some art galleries for emerging artists, open mics, or bookstores with poetry readings.


Jim Hardin, Duncan Street: A small theater or a venue that played a variety of music—like Noe Valley Ministry used to—would improve the Noe Valley nightlife.


Mark Anderson and Ryan, Alvarado Street: Overall, I don’t think 24th Street is too bad in terms of nightlife. I do wish that there were a better variety of restaurants and shops to enjoy in the evening, though.


Wilkes Bashford, Collingwood Street: I wish Noe Valley had a small art theater where we could see films like you see at the Embarcadero—films like The Artist or anything that is a thinking person’s film. I also think we could use one or two more restaurants. I love Bacco and Firefly, but we need more evening restaurants or places we can sit outside with the dog and eat dinner.


Caitriona Anderson, Alvarado Street: We need more high-quality fine dining restaurants. We have enough casual ones, so it would be great to have a place to eat with a cocktail bar.


Lizzy Hughes, 24th Street: We have had the same couple of bars in Noe Valley for the past several years, so some new type of bars—maybe a dive bar—would be nice. I would also like to see some restaurants that aren’t so bland.