Noe Valley Voice May 2012

On 24th Street

Asked on Sunday, April 29, near Noe Courts Park at 24th and Douglass streets:

How can dogs and people get along better in Noe Valley?


David and Kristie Raycroft and their dog Tallulah, 24th Street: Dogs and people get along pretty well. Our dog Tallulah is so big that we were scared she would be intimidating, but people love her. The dogs in this community have come to be like celebrities because everyone in Noe Valley knows each other so well. It’s up to parents and owners to make sure their dogs and kids are well-behaved.


Santos Soto and friend, Douglass Street: Dog owners need to clean up after their dogs. Before the playground at Noe Courts was gated, dogs would crap and whiz all over the place. Owners really just need to train their dogs.


Jeff Cranmer, Susie Park and Elliott, Duncan Street: In other parts of town—like in our old neighborhood, Pacific Heights—the dogs run free, but in Noe Valley the owners stay in proximity to their pets and do a good job of keeping them away from the kids.


Jeannine and Margot DeLoche, Elizabeth Street: This one time someone brought a particularly rambunctious dog into the playground and that wasn’t okay. If you bring your dog, you should tie it up in the park.


John Murphy and dog Audrey, Jersey Street: Dog owners feel like they have to behave well for a fear of being told how to look after their dogs.


Janice, Richard, and Joshua M.: Some kids are afraid of dogs, and sometimes owners do not clean up their dog’s poop. I worry about how dogs and kids interact at the park. I think that if it is a kids’ playground it should stay that way.


Mimi Downes and her dog Bodie, Elizabeth Street:  It is hard having a dog in the city because people either like dogs or they don’t. I think both sides have to respect each other and be tolerant. Dog owners need to pick up after their dogs. Sometimes it’s disgusting at Noe Courts; some people think they are above the rules.


Ed, 23rd Street: I don’t think there is an issue between dog owners and parents. Everyone gets along. The poop issue is relevant anywhere in the city, including here at the park. A dog knocked down my daughter at Noe Courts once, but the owners were very nice about it.


Interviews and images by Shayna Rubin