Noe Valley Voice December 2014-January 2015

Crossword: A December Rows Garden Puzzle

By Michael Blake

Welcome to the Noe Valley Voice Crossword!

Editorís Note: In place of the usual crossword, Michael Blake has produced a new kind of puzzle, called a Rows Garden. Just as in a normal crossword, every letter is used exactly twice, but there’s a twist: each letter is part of a row (a normal Across entry) and a bloom. See the instructions (printed next to the puzzle; download link provided below) to see how it works. The Rows Garden was invented by master crossword constructor Patrick Berry, who gave Michael permission to copy his idea. Michael says, “It’s especially fun to solve because, once you get a row, youíve got half the letters in several blooms and can often guess them. Once you get the blooms, you can often guess the rows. Success feeds on success!” Want to see more of these? Send comments and complaints to

There is no online way to solve a Rows Garden. It requires pencil, paper, and a good eraser!

Download the Rows Garden puzzle here (PDF, 340 kB).