Noe Valley Voice December 2021

Crossword: A Noe Valley Rows Garden Puzzle

By Michael Blake

Welcome to the Noe Valley Voice Crossword!

Editor’s Note: In place of the usual puzzle, Michael Blake has produced a variety crossword, called a Rows Garden. Each letter is part of a row (a normal Across entry) and a bloom (a hexagon). This Rows Garden puzzle has one answer on Rows A, E, I, and L; other Rows have two entries. Lengths of Row answers are given, including whether there is a hyphen or apostrophe, in parentheses. There are also 38 White, Medium, and Dark Blooms defined by the dot in each Bloom’s center. Each is a 6-letter word unless indicated. It can start at any point and can read clockwise, marked with ?, or counter-clockwise, marked with ?. Clues in the Blooms lists are in grid order from left to right, top to bottom. Do you like puzzles like this? You can sign up to receive a Michael Blake Rows Garden every week at

There is no online way to solve a Rows Garden. It requires pencil, paper, and a good eraser!

Download the Rows Garden puzzle here (PDF, 598 kB).