The Noe Valley Voice

February 2002

A Market Street Railway Company electric streetcar turns the corner south onto Chattanooga from 22nd Street, circa 1885-1902. This route was eventually replaced by the 11-Hoffman and 48-Quintara bus lines. Photo courtesy of Richard Schlaich Collection

On a lazy Sunday afternoon in April 1977, a few friends got together over beers at a 24th Street watering hole to figure out if they had the wherewithal to start a community newspaper.

A month later, the first issue of the Noe Valley Voice --then an eight-page broadside typed on an IBM Selectric--rolled off the presses.

Now, 25 years and counting, the Voice has become The Newspaper That Refused to Die. So, to prove there was a reason for all of this, we'd like to present "The Last Twenty-Five Years," a monthly look back at the people, places, and events that have made Noe Valley the irresistible charmer that it is.

We kick off with updates on former Rolling Stone editor Ben Fong-Torres and Oliver DiCicco, founder of Sanchez Street's Mobius Music. We also give you a glimpse of Noe Valley in our pioneer days, starting with a snatch of a 1978 "last interview" with Harvey Milk.

We hope you enjoy these flashbacks and will help us keep chugging along for many years to come.

-- Sally Smith and Jack Tipple

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The Last Twenty-Five Years