The Noe Valley Voice

The Community Newspaper of Noe Valley

The Noe Valley Voice is an independent free newspaper created for and about Noe Valley, a neighborhood located in the heart of San Francisco. It is published 10 to 12 times a year and distributed the first week of the month.

Our editorial deadline is the 15th of the month prior to the month of issue. The 15th also is the deadline for Class Ads (see Class Ads, above). Our display advertising deadline changes slightly each month, but usually falls before the 20th. Call Pat Rose at 415-608-7634 for more information about display ads.

Advertisers note: On our website,, links within your ads are live, that is, clicking on them will redirect to your own webpage. We offer this service at no additional charge.

First-class U.S. mail subscriptions are available at a cost of $40 per year ($35 for seniors) by writing to the Noe Valley Voice, Subscriptions, P.O. Box 460249, San Francisco, CA 94146.

We welcome your story ideas, letters, photos, art, news, poetry, and short fiction, particularly on topics relating to Noe Valley. Note that all such items should include a name, address, and email or phone number, and may be edited for brevity or clarity. (Unsigned letters to the editor will not be considered for publication. Unsolicited manuscripts will be returned only if accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope.) Please send email to editor (at), or write Noe Valley Voice, P.O. Box 460249, San Francisco, CA 94146.

A 40 year Tradition Continues

The Voice published its first issue, an eight-page tabloid, in May 1977. The paper now runs an average of 40 pages. The entire contents are copyright-protected.

The newspaper exists because we enjoy writing and photography, and sharing news of the neighborhood. We like working for ourselves and nurturing our "small town" within the big city. In addition, the Voice is a place for readers to express opinions (and display photos). We are grateful to Noe Valley's small-business community, which supports us through advertising. We ask you to give neighborhood businesses your support.

Taking a Joke

We often do an April Fool's edition, spoofing our own and the city's news. The 2011 Fool's featured the Ohnoe Indians’ secret parklet plans, a spacious town square proposal by Howard Roark, and an interview with Planning Director Eve L. Steppmutter.

Website and Email

In late 1996, we began archiving our stories and columns on our website, We invite you to take advantage of the site's search function -- to find a feature about a friend, a story on neighborhood history, or a calendar item or Class Ad from the current issue. The contents of each month's paper is often available online before the print edition appears.

Email is the best way to reach the editors at the Noe Valley Voice. When we're not roaming the streets of Noe Valley, we're ready to receive your letters, tips, and inquiries. Write editor (at) Thanks for helping us stay in touch with the neighborhood we love.

Jack Tipple and Sally Smith, Editors and Co-Publishers

January 2014