The Noe Valley

April 2012

Ever Greener: Alvarado Principal Robert Broecker and fifth-graders Levi Humphrey, Jorge Marroquin, Elijah Black, and Sebastian Gonzalez fill their buckets with rainwater collected in a giant cistern. Next fall, the school should see a burst of solar power.    Photo by Beverly Tharp 

Alvarado First on List for Solar Roof Panels
Town Square Fans Searching for ‘Heroes’
Here’s the Rub: Local Couple Has a Way to Spice Up Meals at Home
In Memory: Sybil Abeyta
Welcome to Dolores Park Playground

Other Voices: The Passover Bunny
Other Voices: The Flower Bowl Spell

The Cost of Living in Noe: Did I Hear You Say Bottom?
Short Takes
Police Beat
Store Trek
On 24th Street
More Books to Read: On Loving the Earth
More Groups to Join
And Now For The Rumors Behind The News: Gripes of Wrath
Letters to the Editor

Crossword: Noe in the Rear-View Mirror

Solve the Crossword Puzzles from past issues!

Pick a Pack of Winners. As part of Noe Valley Word Week, students from Alvarado, James Lick, and Fairmount schools gathered at the Noe Valley Library March 16 to share their prize-winning poems and essays. After reading their work, the students feasted on alphabet cookies made by the Noe Valley Bakery. The event was sponsored by Friends of Noe Valley, with help from Marilyn Koral of James Lick, Kim Green of Fairmount, and Morgan Benz and Joyce Romano of Alvarado School.    Photo by Peggy Cling 

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