April 1997

Madonna's Baby
Shops in Noe Valley

A host of angels accompanied the alleged son of God on his attempt to save a sole at Wooden Heel. Photo by Salome Gerard
The True Story of
Noe Valley's Garbage Collectors

Sunset Scavenger's Mike Bell tries his best to be quiet while performing his job as lead choreographer for garbage pickup along 24th, Jersey, and Elizabeth streets. Photo by Beverly Tharp

April specials:
Few Notice Jesus on Twenty-Fourth Street
Pall Mall Riddled with New Stores
Blubber--It's Not Just for Breakfast
Muni Muffles Streetcar Noise with 'Music'
More and More Mouths to Feed: Brandon and Brandon Brio

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The True Story of Noe Valley's Garbage Collectors
Outer Church Merchants Lose Ramp Fight
Residents Fuming Over Odors from Hahn's Hibachi
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